Without shame, there can be no trust. Shame is the thing that keeps us from neglecting our conscience — like a kind of gravity for a moral compass. It urges us to make coherent the elemental structures of living, being, thinking, acting.

Without shame, limitlessness becomes a possible tyranny of perspective, place, position or privilege.
When one fails one’s word, s/he shuts down social possibility.
Not protecting, reciprocating, negotiating and/or communicating is an injunctive to treat all things by contract and with law. It is the antithesis of freedom because it can only function with respect to an egotism of self over others. Without shame it is despairingly easy to champion one’s own desire over another’s needs — we do it all the time.

Without shame to redress wrongdoing, there can be only punishment, and invitation to enforcement by a larger body or a designated authority.  To refuse attempts for resolution is denial of the other being and an invocation of rule.


About Tracy Ann Essoglou, PhD

thinking-architect :: artist :: activist-philosopher :: author
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