What is the proper redress for willful ignorance, for defiant gluttony and abject disregard for massacre, genocide and extinction?

It seems to me that there is not only the narcissism of self, but that there is a socio-cultural bravura that loves itself and wants to assert its innocence, rightfulness and will to be, against all shareable reason: historical fact, chronologies of events, quantities of victims…

Is it/It is a narcissism of belonging — which makes me wonder about the insecurity of that ‘belonging’ if any truth-bearing illumination threatens it to the point of reflexive aggressive annihilation of the intruding logic. If you believe, why so easily confounded, toppled, insecure? If so sure why the low slung prohibitions against speaking wider truths that include more information, more stories, more lives?

Ultimately, there is that which is demonstrable and that which is fantastic. How is it that we have lost the resolution to see the difference? To be so enamored with one’s own exclusive comfort is an invitation to insecurity because there will always be something and someone whose real injury is greater. To be truly thoughtful and expansive, to aim for the widest possible good and inclusion is not PC, it is extreme caring.

Denial is an extremely dangerous condition — not only for climate. It is a form of lying. It is what allows any powerful or persuasive status to move swiftly along without regard or responsibility for its damage… whatever the issue.


About Tracy Ann Essoglou, PhD

thinking-architect :: artist :: activist-philosopher :: author
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