What is missing?

What is missing, is not present, is easily named ‘absent.’
But some of what is missing, is not (simply) lost: it has not yet been imagined, or rendered.

An invisible absence is a present presence; is perhaps as yet only imperceptible by virtue of its non-appearance in absence, invisibility, silence… Research and creativity is a discovery of, or the invention of, that which was previously missing,  just before it ceased to be missing.

In modules, we live consciously, and not.
More and less recognized, modules are quoted, exalted, enacted, re-enacted, and often defended to the end. Modules are habit and as habit are convenient —  until they are no longer able to accommodate surplus, excess, difference.

Missing Modules: are parts of an unspecified but otherwise inferred whole; a system of classification; a unity that is structured and determinant. Something that appears to be in its very missing not only exists, but structures and in that structuring may be determinant.

Missing Modules is the name of an unfinish-able, incomplete-able, exploration.
It is necessarily more than a single project, because the discovery of what is ‘missing’ cannot be anticipated.

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