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Identity Politics :: Continuum Politics

The problem of identity politics is a problem of body. It is the idea that we ‘are’ what – and only – as we appear to be. It’s the idea that body takes precedence, that form is singularly determining of … Continue reading

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Without shame, there can be no trust. Shame is the thing that keeps us from neglecting our conscience — like a kind of gravity for a moral compass. It urges us to make coherent the elemental structures of living, being, … Continue reading

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Person(s) + place(s) + thing(s) = situation

Situation is the cell of experience. Experience is the aggregate of lived-situations. Change the situation; change the experience. Design the situation; define the experience. — Rendering Dimensions, Surrendering Dominion: An Epistemological Inquiry into Being-Grounded. Tracy Ann Essoglou, Dissertation: EGS. 2002. Image: … Continue reading

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