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Identity Politics :: Continuum Politics

The problem of identity politics is a problem of body. It is the idea that we ‘are’ what – and only – as we appear to be. It’s the idea that body takes precedence, that form is singularly determining of … Continue reading

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Garbage: Use is abuse in a different registry.

  Garbage Text   Transforming waste elements from everyday life is a process that distills both the specificity of the past, and the authority of the present. Issuing from matter, a treatise emerges redeeming life/lives discarded. An afterlife is realized; … Continue reading

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What is the proper redress for willful ignorance, for defiant gluttony and abject disregard for massacre, genocide and extinction? It seems to me that there is not only the narcissism of self, but that there is a socio-cultural bravura that … Continue reading

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“Art is a portal…

“Art is a portal for what is missing. By means of artistic investigation and creation, new forms of envisioning, inquiry and information emerge in and outside of language. Operating materials, surfaces, textures, positionings, proportion, color, scale… artists render invisible absences … Continue reading

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The ‘natural’ is an artifice…

“The ‘natural’ is an artifice of culture in which an a priori technology of differentiation [distinction and diffusion] has been asserted and adopted, then continues to be enacted without further investigation or consideration; without noticing or noting the constantly changing … Continue reading

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“Thinking is th…

“Thinking is that thing which we as humans can do, do regularly, and to which we give shape: human agency in chance; the chance in being the chances of being humane, if one accepts the challenge in the extreme.” Rendering … Continue reading

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