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Sins of the New Millennium

    Postcard 2000 — see http://sinsofthenewmillennium.wordpress.com/ Advertisements

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Trust: a working capital.

The working capital of the NGO is trust. It is the foundation of partnering in the work-scape and scope of the NGO/CSO. Organizers, clients, partners, funders, providers… All stakeholders rely on trust as the operating liquidity of relations, programming and … Continue reading

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Immigration: “Illegal” to “undocumented” is still, more authentically, the condition of being “un-situated.”

Over a year’s worth: petitions to television programming  jumped on the hideous language of “illegality” as applied to persons who have migrated from one territory to another. That no person should be named “illegal” is without saying — funny (read: … Continue reading

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“Art is a portal…

“Art is a portal for what is missing. By means of artistic investigation and creation, new forms of envisioning, inquiry and information emerge in and outside of language. Operating materials, surfaces, textures, positionings, proportion, color, scale… artists render invisible absences … Continue reading

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The ‘natural’ is an artifice…

“The ‘natural’ is an artifice of culture in which an a priori technology of differentiation [distinction and diffusion] has been asserted and adopted, then continues to be enacted without further investigation or consideration; without noticing or noting the constantly changing … Continue reading

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“Thinking is th…

“Thinking is that thing which we as humans can do, do regularly, and to which we give shape: human agency in chance; the chance in being the chances of being humane, if one accepts the challenge in the extreme.” Rendering … Continue reading

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The ‘dream that doesn’t…’

Springsteen & I:                                                                           … Continue reading

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